Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two month check up

We had a really good trip to the doctor with Giggles today! Mark and I both were much more happy with the new doctor, staff, and office in general. They answered a bunch of our questions in the very first packet of info on two month old babies (imagine that...information up front).
Giggles is growing just like he should be. He was totally flirting with the nurse...smiling and cooing the whole time.
He weighs 12 lbs 10 oz (50-75%) and is 23.75 in (75%) he really has grown a LOT!!!
We asked about his food consumption and it is normal so he is just a fast growing little guy!!
The hard part of the day was getting 3 shots. He laughed through the first one, whimpered on the second, and full on screamed for the third :-( Apparently that is when he realized it hurt...but as soon as I picked him up again he was fine.
He is now sleeping and has a little fever but we hope it doesn't get too bad.
A couple other cool things...the nurse gave us about $20 worth of free formula!! And some church friends brought us a really yummy dinner just to help out today!!! Wonderful unexpected blessings :-)
This is how Giggles looks after his day at the doctor...

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