Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heads Up!

Giggles has been working on a new trick this week...holding up his head (and showing he really has a neck)!! Each day he gets a little better. His favorite activity is now being held upright so he can hold up his head. He does a little bit resemble a bobble head doll at this point, but practice makes perfect!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Activity Time

Giggles got a new activity mat this weekend. He loves to lay under it and watch all the toys, especially the spinning monkey!! He really does not like to be put down on his back so this was a welcome new toy that entertains baby!!!

Beach Days

Giggles took his first trip to the beach and Bizzaro's Pizza on Saturday. In typical Giggles fashion, he slept through the whole experience! We look forward to lots of beach time when he is a little bit older.

Welcome to Giggles' Blog!

This blog is all about our baby boy, code name Giggles, and what he is up to! It will be my way of keeping family and friends that are far away updated on Giggles without completely overwhelming Facebook and become one of those mommy's.

We hope you enjoy following along the life of Giggles!!