Saturday, May 26, 2012

Three Month Pictures

Giggles was three months old on Tuesday (wow, that went fast!) so we took pictures to mark the day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giggles' pets!

Giggles is just starting to be aware of the pets and follow their movement around the house. After the first few weeks of having Giggles around both pets pretty much just ignore him.

Daddy is trying to teach Giggles that Daisy will be his best friend so there are lots of puppy hugs!!

This past Saturday we took both pets to the vet about 2 hours away from home (with the car seat hating child). Neither pets nor child enjoyed the trip!! At the vet Daisy hyperventilated while getting her nails trimmed and Daddy had to pin her to the floor, Dash hid under Chester (his pet cat) in the carrier and cried...and in the middle of all that Giggles had an explosive diaper! Mommy had to leave with Giggles and Daddy was left to deal with both pets. I don't know what would have been more funny to see....the girl walking out holding a baby in front of her or the guy with a dog on a leash in one hand and a cat carrier wiggling around in the other!!!